Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery

The Voyage Within

amit kar
omar a. hussain
osama elolemy
virginie ellis

Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery Dubai is pleased to present a group exhibition with works by Virginie Ellis, Osama Elolemy, Omar A. Hussein and Amit Kar.

Amit Kar’s passion for photography is a slow-burning fire – one that has continued to glow ever brighter since it came to life more than 25 years ago. As a youngster Amit expressed himself artistically through drawing, a medium in which he won multiple competitions. But a trip to London during university days, equipped with his father’s old film camera, revealed photographic storytelling as his true calling.
In the years since Amit has developed a unique approach to photography, one that eschews a particular genre or subject, to focus instead on emotional impact. Amit’s work is cinematic in terms of subject, composition and tones, and his ability to see and capture a critical moment draws his viewers in. They feel the emotion he felt when he took the shot, whether the scene is a busy city centre or the starkness of an endless desert.
Amit’s work has featured in galleries and festivals around the world and have been published in lifestyle and photography magazines. His first book was published in 2021 and since 2022 he has been an ambassador for Leica – the most prestigious and storied of camera makers.
Amit has a deep affection for Arabia, having grown up in Saudi Arabia and Oman, and resident in Dubai since 2013.

Currently, a Professional Leica Photographer and Videographer while Leading the Mission Design and Navigation Effort for all Space Missions in the UAE. By Day he works as a Rocket Scientist being the Sole Deep Space Navigator in the Region leading the Mission Design and Navigation for the Emirates Mars Mission. His love for Photography started due to his Professional Career which took quite the unexpected turns.
As he was in South Korea working in a Robotics Vision Lab on a Nuclear Program Scholarship as a Computer Engineering Senior, inspiration came to him through Neon Signs. On a Rainy Day in South Korea, he remembers walking down the Street and seeing the Signs from the Buildings Reflected on the Tarmac and trying to capture the Image in his head using phone, but the Photos he was trying to Capture were never what he had in mind
As a Student working in South Korea, he was on a Budget, and after saving for a few months he bought a Fuji X-Pro1, which made him realize that his passion is Photography, Specifically Street Photography. Fast Forward a Few Years, and a Few Thousand Shots he left a Lucrative career in the Nuclear Field to follow his Passions.

An Body of Work encompassing my Journey into the UAE. Studying and Working in the Space Industry led me to explore the World, however at the Cost of spending more than half of my Adult Life. Hence, Once I have moved back to my Home Country, I have decided to document all aspects of its Nature.
My Work has transformed from Street Photography in South Korea to Shooting Privately for Select Clients. Whenever I am not in the Office doing my Mission Design and Deep Space Navigation, I would always have One of my Cameras to Peruse my Goal of documenting the UAE.
All Photos Printed are “First Prints”. Every Photo is only printed 5 to 10 Times; however, the First Print is unique in that it is Hand on from A to Z. Hand printed by Projecting Light on a Sensitive Paper, hence it is an iterative Process with an Astonishing Amount of Work to elevate the Photo into an Art Piece. No Photos is reprentid in the “First Prints” Style, hence it’s a One Off Print.

I’m Osama, a.k.a. “GENIE IN A CLICK”, an emerging self-taught portrait and fine- art photographer, residing in the land of dreams, Dubai.
I don’t know how the Universe has conspired for me to be a photographer, but I am loving it. There have been so many synchronicities which led me to the path I have taken. Slowly but surely, I have discovered my niche, and discovered that I love being a fine art photographer. I love people and, through my art, I like to discover and capture different portrays and facets of human nature. My main concept is to convey to people not only a beautiful visual component, but also to incorporate my vision, creativity, feelings and even my personality. I often tend to use the combination of fine art and fashion with surrealism to reveal the bright side of people.
In my art, I try to accentuate both, the inner and outer beauty, of the splendor complexity of human beings. Sometimes, it can take months to come up with an idea, find the perfect spot and manage to capture something that can induce a state of euphoria.

Virginie’s passion for photography began with analogue cameras as a teenager, developing her film rolls by turning her bathroom into a dark room.
Her real epiphany came when she saw the photo of the “Afghan Girl” by Steve McCurry and “The Stairs of Montmartre” by Brassai; it was at that moment that Virginie knew her love of photography would be deep and long lasting. She continued to develop her interest in art while working in the Paris fashion industry.
Much of her work plays with light and colors, giving the pictures vivid painting-like effect; but her love for black and white photography remains source of inspiration for her work as well. Thanks to her travels around the world, she has been able to use photography to express her curiosity, emotions, and artistic visions.
She enjoys capturing images in all their myriads form: people, nature, landscape, and architecture, transforming the simple into the extraordinary, bringing beauty into harmony.