Fiumano Clase

Chasing Elsewhere

Curated by Karen Tronel

Fiumano Clase is delighted to present Chasing Elsewhere, a group exhibition curated by Karen Tronel. The exhibition comprises painting, sculpture, and unique prints by 14 British and International artists across generations and styles.

Exhibiting artists: Harry Adams, Kate Burling, Billy Childish, Peter Doig, Huddie Hamper, Heckel’s Horse, Gavin Lockheart, Marco Piemonte, Emily Platzer, Victor Puš-Perchaud, Yuma Radne, Alfie Rouy, Karen Tronel and Gavin Turk.

The show explores the pursuit of Elsewhere or Otherness, an ongoing desire for movement or change which may stem from curiosity, desire, the endless draw of the new - a thirst for discovery, change, and self-fulfilment. Alternatively, it may result from restlessness, a need for distance from current circumstance, location, time, or to simply escape oneself in some manner.

In contrast to today’s over-abundance of information and pressure to be ever-present, the exhibition responds to a primal and inherent quest for the infinite, a bid for the unknown, every work offering a glimpse of its own Elsewhere, be this a physical place or an imagined one.

Solitary figures navigate mysterious dreamscapes in the works of Childish, Radné and Heckel’s Horse, or bring back places of near or far-off memory in the works of Doig, Lockheart, Hamper, Piemonte and Puš-Perchaud.

Works by Rouy, Burling, Platzer and Tronel open a window into the subconscious, the unguided workings of the mind, the channelling of future or alternative realities.

Vast exalting skies, where sun is eclipsed by moon, in the works of Harry Adams and the invitation, full of promise and possibility, of the open door by Gavin Turk, each offer further alluring wings into the next Elsewhere, as we approach the end of one year and the beginning of a new one.