4.2.2022 - 6.3.2022

Planes and fields. No lines, no objects, no figurations. Nothing to guide the viewer to an interpretation, but the expression of space as it unfolds in the fields and planes of color.

What is the experience of a body as it moves? Is it pictorial? Is it like an object or a sound? Thorbjørn Bechmann suggests in his latest paintings, that the experience has to do with relations. Specifically between bodies; the body of the artwork, and the body of the viewer. Meeting the work of Thorbjørn Bechmann is an affair more physical than intellectual.

Thorbjørn Bechmann´s work, often in sizes, that reflect the scale of the human body, are executed in oil on canvas. Methodically layered in intricate patterns of color. Patterns at once recognizable from nature, and alien in artifacts. The works presented in this exhibition is the most recent in an ongoing investigation, reaching half a decade back.

Thorbjørn Bechmann (1966), lives and work in Copenhagen. Exhibiting regularly at galleries in Sydney, Saltzburg, Brussels as well as Galleri KANT. He is educated at The Royal Danish Academy, and is represented in both public and private collections.