Søren Behncke

In Residence

OUTPOST presents

Søren Behncke
In Residence
May 21 - June 17

Work in progress. Print shop.

Exclusive, new, rare and very limited prints.

Open studio every Saturday 11AM-3PM

It is a privilege to welcome Søren Behncke (b. 1967, Denmark) to his residency at OUTPOST.

For the duration of the exhibition period, Behncke will be working on new prints and treating OUTPOST as his temporary print studio. Creating new works on site, he will involve the viewer, with his customary generosity, in his creative process, and the craft of DIY printmaking. The exhibition will evolve on a weekly basis, and new works will be added as they are completed. Alongside the new works, an extensive selection of rare and very limited works from Behncke’s archive will be presented together for the first time.

Behncke has always had a profound love for the art of printmaking. Having just moved out from his parents’ home in 1985, Behncke at 17, attended graphic school and was taught the crafts of screen printing, lithographic printing, woodcut, linoleum printing, etching, aquatint, and monotype.

Throughout his practice, he has experimented with various printing formats and techniques.

He has created prints while flying with charter airplanes over southern Europe, printed open air at the foot of the volcano Mount Teide on Tenerife, printed with root vegetables from the farmer’s market at Lake Garda in Italy, and created prints from driftwood found on the shores of the Hudson River in New York - to name but a few experiments. Recently, Behncke began making large scale woodcuts by carving directly into wooden industrial pallets, found on the streets and backyards of his local area Vesterbro, Copenhagen, letting the practical spacing of the wood play into the build of the composition. He has an extensive knowledge on the history of printmaking and continues to push the format in new and unexpected directions.

This is the first exhibition to focus on, and celebrate, the master DIY printmaker Søren Behncke.