Sarah Myerscough Gallery

Our Crafted Collectables series launches an artwork each week from gallery artists and the wider community of artist-designer-makers. We’ve invited them to make a small-scale work that might act as an artefact; a piece that can be treasured over a lifetime, nurtured through family generations or gifted in an act of friendship. We believe that within the taxonomy of objecthood the art object has a unique skill in transferring emotional content; abundant with the maker's affinity to material and the narrative captured during its fabrication, it proposes a focal point upon which memories and ideas can be created, held or restored over time.

This Week's Crafted Collectable - Luke Fuller

"These latest works have been born from a recent exploration of igneous rock formations, specifically columnar jointing. These types of formations appear as vertical columns that have an almost human quality, due to their regularity and architectural presence. The columns are produced by molten hot lava cooling and contracting." - Luke Fuller

Luke studied a BA in 3D Design and Craft from the University of Brighton and graduated from the Ceramics and Glass MA at the UK’s Royal College of Art in 2020. The artist has received a number of prestigious awards and bursaries, including the Nagoya University of Art, Japan, Grand Prize; the UK Business Design Centre Designer of the Year Award; The Anna Maria Desogus Memorial Graduate Award; a Franz Rising Star Scholarship; a Charlotte Fraser Scholarship; and The Richard Seager Bursary Award. He was also a Craeftiga Finalist in association with Hole & Corner.

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