brunand brunand


On view through July 30th

Got to give up life in this netherworld
Got to go up to where the air is stale
And live a life of pleasantries
Mingle in the modern families

Overground--from abnormality
Overboard--for identity
Overground--for normality
Overboard--for identity

This limbo is no place
To be a digit in another space
In another crowd
I'm nameless bound
Overground lyrics

As those who unhierarchically come together in hell after the final judgment, so are the characters in Lea von Wintzingerode's paintings in Overground, her first solo-show with brunand brunand in Berlin. isabelle rimbaud with aene’s face opens the exhibition lit in pink and serves as both a preface and an epilogue. This chapel-like setting is followed by a narrow corridor where one can only have an almost threateningly close encounter with mercier descloux, depicting French musician and songwriter Lizzy Mercier Descloux stepping out of the shower as photographed by then-boyfriend Michel Esteban in 1975. (text continues below)