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Laying Bricks


"Laying Bricks"

22 JANUARY - 12 MARCH 2022
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About the exhibition:

Text by: Adrienne Drake, director and curator of the Fondazione Giuliani for contemporary art in Rome.

"Each of the works presented in the show constellates around notions of building and belonging, being part of a sense of ‘Home’, and how living spaces can be created, occupied, deserted or destroyed. An orthodox definition of home implies a physically demarcated structure or territory, such as a house; but home can also be imagined as having no specifically defined material shape, where its very demarcations are points of connectedness, mutual learning, and new ways of creating and experiencing a community that are capable of generating collective systems while supporting individual autonomy."

elephy is a Brussels-based production and distribution platform for film and media art. It was founded by Rebecca Jane Arthur, Chloë Delanghe, Eva Giolo and Christina Stuhlberger in 2018. In 2019, elephy initiated MIA (Moving Image Atelier), a series of workshops developed for artists and filmmakers working alone or with small crews in the undefined, interstitial territory between cinema and visual arts. In addition to workshops, elephy’s artists organise screenings and talks. elephy is also a member of PAM (Platform for Audiovisual and Media arts), which organises a variety of activities to highlight the diversity of the field and share knowledge on the development, production, distribution and presentation of audiovisual and media arts.

In addition to the work by the four artists, we will also be showing Johan Grimonprez’ 1994 work Comment Filmer Molenbeek in dialogue with Christina Stuhlberger’s work Rebels.

Scenography by BUREAUY (Yuichiro Onuma)