Mads Hilbert

Parque México

OUTPOST presents

Parque México by Mads Hilbert

A drawing from a sketchbook on a park bench.

In the green garden.

The city’s garden.

In the heart of pulsating Mexico City, the garden became a forest and the elegantly constructed fountain with the painted blue edges a peaceful forest lake.

The packed suitcase had finally arrived in Mexico City, now it was wandering the new city, in a new heat, looking for a place to settle. A safe place, where the contents of the suitcase could be unpacked, and with the new environment as inspiration, be filled once again.

That place was the roof of an tall old building in Centro Historico, all the way up high, right under the sun.

The days were spend exploring the city and it’s parks and museums. Especially the astonishing Anahuacalli and the magnificent Anthropological Museum.

And otherwise on the roof, where impressions were digested and transformed into lines on canvas.

Naturally the first works were observations of the surroundings, views over the sprawling rooftops of the city, a sort of intuitive cartography.

Mads Hilbert, 2023

May 4 – June 3, 2023