Isabelle van Zeijl | Art New York 2019

Fascinated by the art of the past and different perspectives on beauty through the ages, Fine Art Photographer Isabelle van Zeijl explores the aesthetics and technics of the past to re-invent a contemporary art work in her practice. Boundaries fade as she blends techniques and idiom of the old masters with present-day aesthetics to create striking portraits. By evoking both alienation and recognition, while addressing our collective memory, her photographs seduce the audience. By framing her own appearance within the broader context of the classical canon Van Zeijl explores beauty. Digitally composing her photographs like a painter by using techniques of the past, her work never compromises on authenticity. Even though she is both creator, object and subject, her fine art photography reaches beyond the genre of self-portraiture, creating a universal woman and a vision of female aesthetics over time. With each portrait Isabelle gets closer to both her personal truth and an all-embracing meaning of beauty that transcends time and age.

Van Zeijl has shown work internationally over the past ten years, represented by galleries located in The Netherlands, Belgium, and New York and exhibiting at emerging and established international art fairs in New York, Miami, London, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Italy.

Van Zeijl's Debut Solo Show in London "The Camouflaged beauty of Fashion" will take place in June 2019.

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