Rachel Uffner Gallery

Sara Greenberger Rafferty


Live online March 2 - 7, 2021

An extension of our FIAC OVR presentation, Sara Greenberger Rafferty: Fashion is an online exhibition which focuses on Rafferty's interest in the history and industry of fashion. The show includes a selection of important pieces spanning the last seven years, many of which have featured prominently in museum shows across the USA. 

The works presented here utilize imagery pulled largely from online clothes shopping. Specific references include mass produced items like boyfriend jeans and graphic tee-shirts as well as iconic garments by designers and luxury brands like Moschino, Commes de Garcons, and Yves Saint Laurent. Rafferty explores these symbols of both global capitalism and so-called individuality while considering the presumptively facile realm of apparel and fashion.

Achieved through an innovative process which combines Plexiglas, acrylic polymer, paint and inkjet prints, the resulting singular pictures reveal the artist's hand while also using the logic of the internet or a computer desktop. These works speak to Rafferty's ongoing considerations of the implications for photography in the digital era and saturation of images and content in our world today.

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