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David Reinfeld

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Born in New York City, David Reinfeld began his photographic career in the '60s in NYC honing skills as a street photographer, taking pictures and protesting. Early in his career, he documented the signs of our times and taught photography at the Public Theatre to inner city children. This period was his “coming of age;” photography became his first love, and it would last forever. In the early ’70s, Reinfeld received his MFA in Photography at the Rhode Island School of Design, studying under photographers such as Aaron Siskind, Harry Callahan, Lisette Model, and Minor White. Siskind taught Reinfeld that photography was much more than the content we see. Influenced by the experimental nature of art during this period, Reinfeld began looking for and creating abstraction in his images. He photographed graffiti and decayed walls anywhere he could find them. With the emergence of digital photography and other tools, he discovered composite photography. Today, Reinfeld continues to test abstraction in imagery. For him, art is not only an arrangement of form and content, but an awareness of visual impact and communication. What makes a picture come alive? Why do some photographs remain in our consciousness, while others fall away? These are the questions Reinfeld asks, as a photographer, in a world where the boundaries of well-crafted commercialism and fine art have blurred.

Reinfeld still lives and works in New York City, where he grew up embracing, supporting, and working in the visual arts.

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