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PostmastersROMA supports Spallanzani

PostmastersROMA is thrilled to present an online Exhibition

with ALL proceeds benefiting

The Lazzaro Spallanzani National Institute for Infectious Diseases in Rome


39 international artists are contributing brand new artworks representing the Amabie - a long-haired mythical creature with three legs and a beak - which is believed in Japanese folklore to protect against epidemics.

Since April 22, 2020 we are adding daily a new artwork to this growing exhibition as well as we are also introducing each new work on instagram @PostmastersROMA

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Participating Artists:
Antoni Abad | Sara Birns | Marco Cassani | Canyon Castator | Jen Catron And Paul Outlaw | Ryan Travis Christian | Monika Cook | Diana Cooper | Malù Dalla Piccola | Federica Di Carlo | Kenny Dunkan | Inka Essenhigh | Anna Frantz | Giovanni Garcia-Fenech | Alessandro Giannì | Davor Gromilovic | Elena Gubanova | David Humphrey | Jakob Kudsk Steensen | Ted Lawson | Miltos Manetas | Alex Mcleod | Eric Mistretta | Rebecca Morgan | Christina Nicodema | Pietro Pasolini | Piero Passacantando | Donato Piccolo | Signe Pierce | Daniele Puppi | Christian Rex Van Minnen | Rafaël Rozendaal | Sudarshan Shetty | Sally Smart | Emma Stern | Radek Szlaga | Richard T. Walker | Nicola Verlato | Giovanni Vetere

project is conceived by Paulina Bebecka
curated by Paulina Bebecka and Valentino Catricalà