OUTPOST presents


A solo exhibition by Jeffrey Cheung

OUTPOST is pleased to welcome Jeffrey Cheung back to Copenhagen for his second solo exhibition. The exhibition is presented in collaboration with UNITY Queer Skateboarding and CPH OPEN celebrating diversity in skateboarding.

Jeffrey Cheung’s joyous, vibrant and defiant paintings engages and questions the boundaries of sexuality, body, gender and race. They vibrate with a body positive sexual energy. Curiosity and diversity is celebrated in a fluid and intuitive painterly language that pays homage to a long lineage of artists. Bodies intertwine, merge and reemerge in sculptural compositions. There is a weaponized and contagious love in Cheung’s work. You hear Ginsberg’s Howl between brushstrokes and bodies . A radical LOVE protesting the status quo, prejudices, racial and gender inequality, repression of sexual freedom and the predominant heteronormative gaze.

Exhibition period: June 14 - June 24, 2023