11 FEB – 11 JUNE 2022


In the series of new prints and paintings presented here, location is a strong theme, as Price’s Cornish roots often tend to feature in the work, particularly scenes of the harbour in St Ives Ives. He spends a lot of time in St Ives drawing the surroundings and has taken great influence from preceding artists Ben Nicholson and William Scott who too had a connection to Cornwall. Other artistic influences include Pablo Picasso, Freda Kahlo, and Cecil Collins. For Trevor, it is the opportunity to experiment and the diversity of techniques that draws him to a medium. Currently, most of his figurative prints are drypoints of forms, usually on zinc or Perspex, which are made by drawing on the surface with a soldering iron and then printing from those marks made.

A key theme expressed within Trevor’s previous work is the intimacy between a couple, sometimes romantic, sometimes erotic, and very often, humorous.

Trevor Price was born in 1966 and grew up in Cornwall. He studied at Falmouth specialising in printmaking and then at Winchester School of Art. Upon leaving college he went on to find work in a London Etching studio, learning the skills of professional printmaking. Trevor was elected a member of the Royal Society of Paint-Printmakers when merely 28 years old and elected Vice President from 2013–18. He specialises in drypoints and etchings that are handmade and hand-printed in his studios both in St Ives and London. His work is globally recognised as he exhibits both original prints and paintings throughout Europe. In 2011 Price was the invited ‘Printmaker of the Year’ at Printfest, Britain's only art fair solely dedicated to printmaking. Throughout his printmaking career, he has won several national printmaking awards.

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