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Rogier Houwen - Above/Below

Rogier Houwen (1992, NL) is based in Amsterdam but immersed in nature whenever he can -from the Veluwe to the Tuscan countryside, volcano’s and jungles, Rogier mines the fertile grounds between abstraction and depiction of cosmic nature. “Whether it’s a landscape, a human being, a space, or an object, everything radiates a certain atmosphere. These spheres – the subtle vibrations that can be felt – are my subjects. My work is not about what is seen but what is felt through the seeing.”
Houwen's work is centered around the human experience of connecting to a universal nature shared by all living things and beings. His images carry a mystical and poetic calmth that invites viewers into a warming sense of stillness; a cosmic embrace. Seeking an equally meditative spirit in his execution as his approach, Houwen handprints all of his photographs himself.From archival pigment prints on Kozo paper to Toyobo prints, gelatine silver prints and latest prints on plaster, his physical artworks carry a distinctive rich textural quality unique to traditional photography processes. Enhancing the tactility and painterly feel of his signature landscapes and still lifes.