Eleanor Harwood Gallery

Untitled  Miami  2021

Kira Dominguez Hultgren & Terri Loewenthal

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Thank you for your interest in our artists. Please see pricing for works exhibited in Miami Untitled 2021.

A portion of all Terri Loewenthal sales are being donated to the Havasupai Tribe's Covid Relief Campaign. Funds are sent directly to the Tribe through its Chief Financial Officer, Jim Usevitch, and are used for food, pet food, and PPE for the community during their COVID-19 response period.

Terri Loewenthal Works:
Framed Prices:

30 x 40 $10,000
42 x 56 $15,000
48 x 64 $22,500

Print Only Prices:
30 x 40 $8,500 (AP1 $12,750)
42 x 56 $12,000
48 x 64 $18,000