The Bonnier Gallery, Inc.

Yucef Merhi: Open

September 2 - November 20, 2021

OPEN, Yucef Merhi's most recent solo show at The Bonnier Gallery captures the far-reaching consequence of his orbit around contemporary culture. From data hacking as social protest against totalitarianism and police brutality, to his vision called Retrocycling that rescues and reuses obsolete tech devices; and from the creation of a universal language to digital interventions that make poems come alive; this exhibition enables viewers to have a mind and heart-expanding encounter with art and language.

The gallery show presents 15 works, from five different series that map out his creative diaspora within the last 20 years. “Language is the unifying element in all of my works. Our entire culture is guided and sustained by language. With language we define and create our reality. It can be a prism or a prison” says Yucef Merhi.