Gibbons & Nicholas

The Burning Room: Cathy Hayes, Mary DeVincentis, Ursula Burke

The Burning Roof is an online exhibition bringing together three artists, Cathy Hayes, Mary DeVincentis and Ursula Burke. From different backdrops and on divergent trajectories, these artists converge under the wordage of WB Yeats’ Sonnet ‘Lena and the Swan.’ Inadvertently, their work, practices and motivations interlink through themes of mythology, mysticism, historical classical and baroque reference, lived experience, emotion and societal politics.

All three produce work that is visually potent and enchantingly beautiful, while simultaneously gurgling with the tension, chaos, frustrations and injustice of the patriarchy and dogmatism as recapitulated through history and inequitable culture and society. Their practices weave this narrative through varying visceral approaches, methods and mediums.

These artists, whether intentional or not, meet in a place where although veiled in paint, porcelain or thread, their work exudes fiery undercurrents of indignation, defiance and tenacity. They forge beauty from the embers of despondency. The work is not tapping on the glass ceiling, but passionately and exquisitely setting fire to the perennial roof.