Galerie Poggi


To Walk, to Work, to Die
Solo Show

GaLerie Poggi
FEB 9 - MAR 9, 2024

Galerie Poggi is delighted to announce Babi Badalov's third solo exhibition in its new space. Showcasing almost a hundred of his most recent paintings on fabric, this particularly dense and abundant exhibition multiplies the ways in which these works are displayed, notably through an immersive installation that invites the public to take the time to sit on cushions decorated by the artist and engulf themselves in the paintings that cover the entire walls of the exhibition. The gallery's reception area features drawings by the artist, as well as a limited-edition T-shirt designed with the artist.

Alongside this exhibition, Babi Badalov will be taking part in a number of other major exhibitions, including his first solo show in Switzerland at the Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts in Lausanne from 2 February to 28 April 2024, as well as with a 15-metre-long fresco at the Centre d'Art Transpalette in Bourges from 17 February to 5 May 2024 (group show “Salut à toi”), and the group show “L'art et le mot” at Les Abattoirs - Frac Occitanie in Toulouse from 5 February to 20 May 2024.