Coal and Birch

Stevie Dix
Sigve Knutson

OUTPOST presents

Coal and Birch

A presentation by Stevie Dix and Sigve Knutson 

In collaboration with NEVVEN

There are conscious and unconscious ways in which artists are influenced and eventually grow more and more connected to the landscape of their hometowns, studios or adoptive lands. It is not always so straightforward and often neither such an important detail, yet when one approaches the art of Stevie Dix (b. 1990) and Sigve Knutson (b. 1991), the two landscapes from which they come from become as evident and poignant, as much as antithetic and far from one another.

See full text by Mattia Lullini, Director and owner of NEVVEN via Documents below.

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August 23 - September 30, 2023