Everyday Gallery

I Have My Eye On You

In a world that socializes men to see and women to be seen, what does it mean for women painters to traverse the surfaces of sight?

For its new group exhibition I Have My Eye On You, Everyday Gallery invites three painters with a unique perception of the layers of human contours. With exhaling awareness of the gendered perceptions of the body, these painters question what is made visible and invisible through the imagination of the borders of the body.

The surface of the skin, both as border and as ideal, gets questioned through these painters’ imaginations of its transformations. The glistening surfaces of oily skin, fleshy pinks and browns dripping into the purples and blues of lust and pain. These three painters show a shared interest in exploring the boundaries of the physical. Their methods of portraying these borderlands extend from an erotica of deformation, the warping of perspectives and a hint of bright colors breaking otherwise neutral scenes.

We are faced with the unwanted or gruesome deformations as well as the fun and joy that can be found in unexpected and new extra-human capacities. Both sides turn out to be necessary in order to create a more layered, more multidimensional picture of the female body. A body that is so often reduced to a flat facade lacking any depth.

I have my eye on you and I invite you to explore this with me.

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