Everyday Gallery

Where is Rolly? 

duo exhibition by messgewand x robuche

In much the same way, Where is Rolly? by Messgewand and Robuche is not about finding one ultimate artwork or aesthetic feature among the richly detailed multiplicity and inventive multitude of sculptural objects, paintings, plastic banners, collages, and other things scattered throughout the gallery.
These objects are found on the streets, in charity shops, or in abandoned spaces. They are disassembled, reworked, and recombined with parts from objects that embody completely different styles or era. Playfully pimped with paint, held together through layers of foam, plastic, and vintage stickers, the sculptural collage that thus emerges tells not one but many tales. Combined with paintings in which these sculptural collage reappear, the universe that Robuche and Messgewandcreate open onto a myriad of other universes and experiences, all taken from the objects and their former life. And in that sense, rather than being salvaged objects from a distant past, these sculptural collages and painterly sculptures are a vision of the future; a future that the artistic universe of Messgewand and Robuche prefigures with effortless joy.

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