Galerie Poggi



For its next participation at the Armory Show, Galerie Poggi is pleased to present an overview of contemporary painting. Mixing young and more established artists, the booth is divided into three sections, allowing each artist - Troy Makaza, Ittah Yoda, and Anthony Goicolea - to develop their discourse with works specifically made for the fair.

First is Troy Makaza (b. 1994 Harare, Zimbabwe). His hybrid works take ambiguous forms, at the intersection between maps, pieces of clothing, and food, mixing traditional imageries from Africa with tropes of Western abstraction. The links established between territory, food, and clothing also evoke the circle between the cultivation of a crop, its ingestion, and its cultural influence on one’s identity. Makaza will be a part of the group that will represent Zimbabwe at the next Venice Biennial.

Second is the duo Ittah Yoda. Made of Virgile Ittah (b.1984 Paris, France) and Kai Yoda (b.1985, Tokyo, Japan), this will be the second presentation of their work at the fair after the success of 2022. Their practice constitutes the prefiguration of a world post-anthropocene, a “symbiocene” where the human, the natural and the digital would live harmoniously.

Lastly is Anthony Goicolea (b. 1971 Atlanta, Georgia). Drawing from his personal history or that of his family who fled Cuba when Fidel Castro came to power, Goicolea depicts the fragility and resilience of characters who are often solitary, whom he represents in ambiguous situations that call into question their identity, their gender, or their social and cultural alienation.

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