Diving Boards and Vehicles

A Margot Bird solo exhibition
curated by ascend projects

14 June - 6 July 2024

SEEFOOD ROOM Gallery proudly presents Diving Boards and Vehicles, a Margot Bird solo exhibition curated by Ascend Projects between 14 June and 6 July 2024 at G/F, 1 Prince’s Terrace, Mid-Levels.

Bird opts for an innately whimsical approach when working. She lets her intuition take over the paint brush, placing her subjects in surrealistic backdrops filled with her signature feline icons. First came the Vehicles - portraits of renowned artists at the wheels of imagined vehicles, cruising through Bird’s shifting dreamscapes. She believes artists have the polished ability to give life to their imaginations, and so she endowed them with fantasy mobiles for creators in search of their inspirations.

Then came the Diving Boards - Bird placed an assortment of fruits and legumes on the end of a diving board, suspended amongst meandering shrubberies. The series alludes to still life studies, albeit with a witty twist. Where is the stillness of it all, when diving boards are associated with volatility? The ‘still’ lifes offer the audience a space for rumination whilst mounting the diving board. Will the crop merely bounce anticlimactically? Or will it be catapulted into the vast unknown?

If you catch yourself still assimilating the questions, perhaps unclench your jaw and take a deep breath. After all, the feline faces dotted across Bird’s macrocosm endearingly remind us of the surrealness of her imagined universe. Instead, take a peek through the clothed windows of her canvases, and leap into the fantastical unknown!

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