Seefood Room is pleased to present Serendipitous Splendour, a group exhibition featuring the works of Almendra Bertoni, Amy Crehore, Fred Smith, GUMI, Jason Ho, Jeannie Rhyu, Jeremy Yamamura, Jimmy Lam, Kelani Fatai, Lindsey Lou Howard, Mamus Esiebo, and Oh Mankee. The exhibition will begin on 8 November and run until 1 December at 3-4/F Haus of Contemporary at 9 On Lan Street, Central.

Amy Crehore, Jeremy Yamamura, and Oh Mankee have settled the longstanding dispute between cat and dog lovers through their adorable works while dynamic duo Almendra Bertoni and Lindsey Lou Howard have poured their respective flairs into their eccentric sculptures as a physical manifestation of their mutual respect and friendship. Through a series of landscapes, still lifes, and portraits, brilliant painters Jason Ho, Mamus Esiebo, GUMI, Jeannie Rhyu, Jimmy Lam, Kelani Fatai, and Fred Smith bring us to a wondrous spectrum between reality, fantasy, and everything in between.

The twelve talents show us glimpses of the glitz-and-glamour that are often found in banal moments. In life, we may find that the harder we look for something, the harder it is to find or notice them. We focus so intently on the objective that we become oblivious to the opulent essence found in the journeys themselves. If you turn around and see how far you have come, may you find the serendipitous splendours that have brought you peace and motivation to march on.