Let us be human / LAD OS VÆRE MENNESKER

The stage is, for Schmidt-Rasmussen the specific urban phenomenon, the pedestrian street. 

“I simply like the way we act there. It's not that complicated, we dress up a bit and are relaxed.” Schmidt-Rasmussen refers to himself as nomadic; partly in relation to his way of thinking and working, but also in his artistic style. 

“I borrow, steal and develop and have no remorse about that at all. I rarely have a plan, and you could compare my sketches to travel plans that collapse, so you end up in a completely different place, than you expected. Likewise, with my art works, I want to contribute with a kind of daydream, where the audience is taken to a different place, than where they actually are."

The complexity of the paintings' compositions are a clash between figuration and doodle-like signs together with the use of glitter, metallic and psychedelic colors. Being present in the ever changing space of the pedestrian street, we flicker before each other's eyes with our duvet jackets and mortality, our virtues and daydreams.

Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen (1963) lives and works in Copenhagen and was educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, 1986-92. Associate Professor at the Jutland Academy of Fine Arts, 1998-2004. Teacher at Vera - school of art and design from 2007. Represented at i.a. Statens Museum for Kunst, Kobberstiksamlingen, Kastrupgårdsamlingen and Sammlung Essl in Vienna.