193 Gallery

Joana Choumali
Zona Maco 2024

FEB 7-11

Every morning Joana Choumali wakes up at dawn and takes a walk, observing the land and buildings, shapes slowly revealing themselves, the streets and people awakening. As the morning light slowly makes every detail of the material world visible, she becomes aware of a shift in her thoughts and perceptions. Her morning stroll becomes a ritual of introspection.

During her walks she takes pictures of the landscape. Afterwards, using a mixed technique of collage, embroidery, painting, and photomontage, she superimposes onto the photographs several layers of ethereal fabrics, intertwined with silhouettes of passers-by. The result is a delicate and dreamy toile which evokes invisible meanings and revelations from the artist’s morning experiences

Choumali has exhibited her work around the world. In 2014, she won the Cap Prize Award and the Emerging Photographer LensCulture Award. In 2016, she received the Magnum Emergency Grant Foundation, and the Fourthwall Books Award in South Africa. In 2017, she exhibited her series Translation and Adorn at the Pavilion of the Ivory Coast during the 57th Venice International Biennale. In November 2019, she became the first African winner of the Eight Prix Pictet for her series Ça va aller on the theme of ‘Hope’. In 2022, she has been highlighted at Kyotography Art Festival in Japan with her works exhibited in a Zen Temple. Half of the works from this selection comes from this project.

Joana Choumali was recently named 2020 Robert Gardner Fellow in Photography by The Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology, Harvard University, United States.
Joana’s work is included in many public museums and private collections, including the Victoria & Albert Museum Collection, Harvard Art Museum (Boston), Metropolitan Museum (MET - New York), MACAAL Museum (Marrakech), Fotografiska, High Museum of Art (Atlanta), Saint Louis Photography Museum, Fondation H, the Prix Pictet Collection, the Société Generale Abidjan Collection, the Harry David Art Collection, the Schulting Art Collection, Leridon Art Collection, Tiroche Deleon Collection