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Alimi Adewale

Alimi Adewale is a painter and sculptor whose work examines the complex issues that face the lives of everyday people in his Nigerian community. Imbued with their own mortality, his sculptures are an articulation of traditional African sculpture and experimental contemporary art. Incorporating elements of minimalism, expressionism, and abstraction, Alimi creates an Ĺ“uvre that is distinctly current, and as witty as it is macabre. He challenges accepted belief systems in and about Nigeria.

Self-taught, Alimi has a rather interesting journey into the art world. His background is in mechanical engineering before teaching himself art. Since choosing to follow his passion and his talent, Alimi has done several artist residences and has shown in exhibitions since 2011. He has worked in major private collections in Nigeria and throughout Europe.

Alimi Adewale was born in 1974 in Ilorin, Nigeria. He currently lives and works in Nigeria.