Modern Animals Gallery

Juliette Barthe "Beginnings"

Juliette Barthe (b. 2001) is a contemporary French artist based in Paris, whose work encompasses a variety of mediums from painting to printing and reproduction techniques. Barthe has been studying at Beaux-Arts, Paris, since 2020. Winner of the 2022 Prix de la Galerie du Crous, Barthe’s work has both been the subject of joint exhibitions and solo shows, notably her 2023 solo debut at the Pernod Ricard Foundation.

Barthe’s work functions as an extension of her body and mind, thus evoking the sense of urgency behind each oeuvre. Her practice explores issues such as the dichotomy between the public and intimate, alongside interrogation of womanhood, and her own ability through her art to challenge both the medium she works in and the society in which her works exists.

"Beginnings" is Barthe’s debut solo show outside of France and displays a selection of oeuvres from 2021-2024. The title is chosen as a representation of possibility embedded in each of Barthe’s works.

Abigail O’Hagan-Strong, March 2024

Opening: 22 March, 6-9pm