Galerie Poggi

Anna-Eva Bergman

Rare Unreleased Paintings From Foundation Hartung Bergman

Anna Eva Bergman has been the subject of a spectacular historical rediscovery over the last several years, a process culminating today in a major exhibition at the Reina Sofia Museum, and another major retrospective upcoming at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris and the National Gallery in Oslo in 2023/2024.

If during her lifetime she was an active artist of the post-war European scene, by notably being married to Hans Hartung, her singular work transcends both geographical and aesthetic borders, standing closer to the work of Groupe Zero and the School of New York than the Ecole de Paris per say. She belongs to a group of artists that searched for maximum intensity while reducing their means of expression to the bare minimum, to the likes of Agnes Martin, with whom she shared many aesthetic attributes. Her trajectory after the war is similar to that of Barnett Newman, whom she also met : a great scarcity of production, and an ambition to renew painting completely through purification.

It is her "contemporary modernity" that arouses the interest of museums around the world today, as her work expands the very concept of modernity while its contemporaneity fascinates today’s viewer.

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