UNSEEN PHOTO - Amsterdam

16. September - 19. september 2021

KANT is very pleased to announce our participation on UNSEEN Photo 2021 presenting works by;
Susanne Wellm (Denmark b.1965), Torben Eskerod (Denmark b.1960), Daniel Blaufuks (Portugal b.1963).
Bringing together these artistic practices, relays both poetic, contemplative and tactile dimensions.

Susanne Wellm

In Wellm´s practice historical, self-biographical and tactile dimensions closely intertwine.
For more than 20 years, she has collected existing photographic material and this comprehensive and personal archive is the departure and reference for her works. Based on a conceptual approach, Wellm combines existing motives with own photographs to spur new narratives investigating the quest to create meaning between ourselves and our surroundings.
Often multi-layered, blurring the boundaries of fact and fiction, her works poetically elude a specific reading. Wellm´s works are all unique and the result of both digital and analogue processes. In recent years she has introduced the sensuous qualities of textiles by either weaving or surface threading the works.
These applications not only embrace the heritage women´s traditional handcraft but break new ground in our perception of photography.

Torben Eskerod

Eskerod is empowered by his understanding of photography as a tool for both investigation og preservation, description and creation. His work is grounded in humanism; every object, place or person he photographs is seen and understood through the lens of human myths, aspirations, history, memory and relationships. The resulting works of art may be formal epic and still or raw spontaneous and vital , but they all address the same questions about mortality, change, unknowability and forgetting. In addition, they share the critical if ineffable element of beauty, a characteristic that is part of what they look like as well as how they feel.

Daniel Blaufuks

Blaufuks uses mainly photography and video, presenting his work through books, installations and films. He has a predilection for issues such as the connection between time and space and the intersection between private and public memory. Acknowledging the inherent blurriness of archives, Blaufuks uses photography to showcase an archeology of gaps, skips, and tangents to clear a path. He holds a PhD from the University of Wales, where he wrote on photography and film in relation to the work of W.G. Sebald and Georges Perec, as well in relation to memory and the Holocaust. In 2016 he received the AICA Portugal award for the exhibitions “Attempting Exhaustion” and “Léxico”.