James Cohan

Naudline Pierre

Frieze New York at The Shed
May 17–21, 2023

For Frieze New York 2023 at The Shed, James Cohan is pleased to present a suite of new paintings by Naudline Pierre, accompanied by a sculptural altarpiece.

Pierre’s work explores the possibilities and limitations of spiritual transcendence and transformation. Her work is distinctly narrative in nature, and within this world-building Pierre presents to us a distinct cast of characters. She draws from sacred architecture and fantastical scenes of mythic and celestial beings - as well as Renaissance modes of working such as forced perspective and flattened space - to conjure a futuristic, atmospheric world in which all-female characters play out scenes of care-taking, confrontation, entanglement and engulfment. In the artist’s words, the altarpiece, and by extension the realms that she creates in her paintings, offer “a place where you come to try and transcend your form.”

The presentation will precede This Is Not All There Is, the artist's first institutional solo exhibition in New York opening June 2nd at The Drawing Center. Curated by Claire Gilman, this exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue.