Everyday Gallery

Potluck Exhibition

This show resulted from an invitation; an invitation to the creators who over the past few years have shaped this gallery; an open invitation to take part in a show that was to be a celebration of some sort; a social activity, which, we hoped, would allow us to search for the limits of the art market and the financial entrapments that shape it.

The origins of the term are not exactly known - some say it was derived from pot and luck, other scholars argue that it is a rephrasing of the potlatch gift exchange tradition that is found among indigenous groups from the Northern Americas - but the principle is easy: you organize a meal for friends and everybody brings along a dish. This can be whatever they can miss. It might be a main dish, or just an aside. It’s all good. It’s about sharing, not about the ultimate result. For Potluck we invited artist-friends to participate in a communal undertaking: sharing and gifting of unfinished pieces, untold stories, or unsold works. We wrote to them: “Bring what you have and share what you can miss. And maybe, if we can, we might begin to express the outlines of a different world, in which sharing rather than deprivation are central.” The combination of these unfinished pieces or untold stories will be our potluck.

30% of the revenue of this show will be donated to De Warmste Week and Poverello charities

For inquiries please email info@everydaygallery.art.