Gunia Nowik Gallery

Daniel Rycharski Dead Class Exhibition

Dead Class is a presentation of Daniel Rycharski’s new works dealing with the subject of tensions that arose because of rapid changes in the relations between man and land, seen from the perspective of the Polish countryside. It can be considered the newest chapter of the story about the dawn of peasant culture and the consequences of that change, not readily registered in other cultural tides. As the artist says, it is an exhibition that “tells a story about the close to me social landscape, yet does not focus on my personal experiences, but rather on the reality in which I live.” It is precisely the indirect observation of changes, sharpened by literature (rather that of Wiesław Myśliwski than the newest positions from the family of folk Polish history), that leads Rycharski back to “the peasant issue” and posing new questions: about metaphysics, climate, and attitude towards animals. Also, about sexual and class shame, distinction and selection mechanisms that accompany folk culture, revolts coming from beneath and attempts to control them, about aesthetic or political dominance.