Galerie Poggi

Sidival Fila

Jérôme Poggi is pleased to announce the fifth solo exhibition he is dedicating to the Brazilian artist and Franciscan monk, Sidival Fila (born 1962 in Brazil. Lives and works at the Convento San Bonaventura al Palatino, Rome).

As his monumental polyptych conceived for the last Venice Biennale has just joined the collections of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of the Vatican, where it now hangs under frescoes by Pinturicchio, this new project seeks to highlight the ethics of "care" that inspire Sidival Fila both in the exercise of his spirituality and in his art. Taken in the sense of the 'attention to things', this 'care' irrigates the work of the artist, whether it is in his techniques - which have to do with care and which imply patience and delicacy -, the materials he restores and to which he gives life, or his relationship to art and to what it can accomplish.

This new project therefore seeks to bring this relationship to the world to light, through three series in particular : the Muffes that hang in the main room of the gallery, the series of flowers in the cabinets, and the stitching in the entrance and the showroom.

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