Mehdi Chouakri

Giant Size Preview

Hall 2.1

Giant Size

In a gray painted, specially dedicated area within our stand are pieces that range in size from small to miniature, emphasizing formal similarities. Gathered in front of the back wall are free-standing sculptures, while on the left and right walls are two-dimensional works. In addition to artists who are known for their miniatures, like Peter Roehr, are those one would not at first associate with this kind of practice, such as John Armleder, whose tiny objects relate to large scale installations. Among works by Sylvie Fleury is a small Cuddly Painting made from artificial fur, a common feature of her practice. In addition, we are presenting Hans-Peter Feldmann’s well known series of modified banknotes, which humorously question the representation and the value of money, as well as Bernd Ribbeck, Gitte Schäfer and Gerwald Rockenschaub, whose objects play with the formal aspect of miniatures, showing how to achieve great visual effects in a small format.