Pablo Tomek

Laisse Béton

OUTPOST presents

Laisse Béton

(Let it drop)

A solo exhibition by Pablo Tomek

“The painting takes up a maximum of space.

We stretch it, we drop it, we spread it.

- It's as if filled with matter, well almost filled, at the very top there is something…oblivion…

- I see a sky suddenly, and then obviously mountains.

- Yeah, you see a landscape... why not... it seems to me that the process is narrating itself, more like a scribble, but in control you see…

- But if, look, it flows in front of us, down... like from a spring.

- Sure, Drying time took up a lot of this process, but you see nature all over...

- Well, because you have to let it flow, so that it goes back up.

- What do you mean, time? Ideas?

- No water! Up there in the clouds.

Like a cycle, this triptych proposes to evoke, to freeze, the aqueous process of painting and rather than erasing, this time letting it flow, dropping...”

- Pablo Tomek, 2023

March 25 – April 29, 2023