FutureFair 2021

For every right, with all thy might.”, motto, Boston Guardian

Elia Alba

Nona Faustine

Mariam Ghani

Azita Moradkhani

The Boston Guardian was an African-American newspaper co-founded by William Monroe Trotter and George Forbes in 1901.

Although it was never the largest or the most widely read of black papers, Trotter liked to call it “America’s Greatest Race Paper,” and its motto nicely encapsulated his own lifelong credo: “For every right, with all thy might.”

(Cep, Casey, The Legacy of a Radical Black Newspaperman, The New Yorker, November 19, 2019)

I've heard of Boston referred to as the South of the North.

A militant race opinion is what's needed. How am I welcome(d)? History has been delineated by the powerful, they start history where they want it to. What will they want to say? Symbols are important. Where do I put my body? Race works along a curve against and with class. How is the hand used? These artists manage to assert themselves as a person without any sort of denialism about what the actual ancestry is. Have you looked back?