Shantell Martin

Intimate Whispers, Vardan Gallery

Introducing This unique exhibition explored the intimate conversations one has with one's inner self, exploring the dialogues between one's past, present, and future selves. "Intimate Whispers beautifully encapsulated the thoughts and ideas we share with ourselves, the dreams we contemplate, and the quiet moments of introspection that shape our lives. Martin invited visitors to delve deep into these personal and reflective conversations through her artwork in this show, creating a profound and thought-provoking experience for all who attend.

Among the most innovative artists working today, Shantell Martin (b. 1980) is known for exploring the drawn line's vast potential. Using an ink marker, she creates improvisational compositions with a recurring cast of characters, symbols, and messages that reflect a deeply rooted interest in identity—her own and the viewer’s. Martin’s drawings, characterized by their fluid, almost hypnotic quality, seem to meander and flow, revealing figures, words, and hidden narratives. Intersectionality, culture, and play are also common themes explored in Martin's work. In this gallery, we have selected artwork highlighting Martin's recent reintroduction of colour in her practice.