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April Bey 

April Bey was born and raised in the Bahamas (New Providence). She lives and works in Los Angeles as a visual artist visual artist and a tenured professor at Glendale College.

Bey's interdisciplinary work is an introspective and social critic of American and Bahamian culture, feminism, generational theory, social media, Afro-futurism, Afro-surrealism, post-colonialism and constructions of race within supremacist systems.

All of Bey's works are extremely demanding in terms of handiwork but also in the sourcing of the materials used. Indeed, the artist makes a point of sourcing as much as possible from black women-owned businesses. Regularly participating in major contemporary art fairs such as Frieze or Basel, the artist presents a rich artistic experience in terms of group show or solo show.

April Bey's works are already present in public collections such as the collections of The California African American Museum, The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, The Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Fullerton College Art Gallery, Museum of Art and History, Lancaster, CA, and more. 
Bey's major solo " Atlantica, The Gilda Region" is currently showing at Nevada Museum.