Marshall Gallery

Alia Malley

Touch the sun

February 15 - April 8

The linear mark-making and cosmological interests of Chris McCaw and Roger Ackling on view in the front gallery are echoed by a special presentation of new works by Los Angeles artist Alia Malley (American, b. 1973) in the gallery’s project room. Contrasting the charred yet subtle gestures of McCaw and Ackling, Malley’s hand-altered photographs from “All That Is Solid” and "Dismantle the Sun" are more intense in creation, scale, and palette. Vividly colored, large-format aerials of mountainous deserts and monochromatic space-scapes are repetitively marked-upon, or away from, through the manual erasure of the print surface generating implied streaks of light that allude to astral phenomena and aerial catastrophes. Where McCaw and Ackling formalize controlled expressions of sunlight in direct contact with its radiating energy, Malley’s own vigorous, physical intervention illuminates each work, further activated by the artist’s scent-based elements that are present in the installation.

Pricing is inclusive of aluminum floater frames and mounting.