Rick Bartow, "Crow's Instructions"

October 14 - November 28


Crow's Instructions
October 14 - November 28, 2020

Froelick Gallery is proud to present a show of works by Rick Bartow (Wiyot, 1946-2016). Titled Crow’s Instructions, this collection calls attention to some of Bartow’s most-venerated imagery: Crows and ravens. A lifelong observer of their behaviors, highly versed in their significance in Indigenous and worldwide stories, Bartow referred to the the crow as a "sacred fool"; the raven as "crazy with too much knowledge of both the light and the darkness”- he held strong personal associations with them. He spoke of their dark peripheral movements triggering his PTSD after his return from service in Vietnam and his later deep affection for them as tricksters, as bearers of burdens, guides and portents. These works are a celebration of the artist's fascination with these birds and his ability to transmit the panoply of human experience through them. Froelick Gallery remains committed, as ever, to Rick Bartow and his legacy, and we will continue our efforts alongside the Richard E. Bartow Trust to ensure his works are widely seen and placed in museum, public and private collections.

The live broadcast conversation which aired on Saturday, October 24 at 11am‬ is archived on our website as well as Facebook and YouTube. 

Click here for a walk-through of our current Rick Bartow show, soundtracked by his own song, “Unsteady One”, from his 2000 album “Bartow Minus 2”.