Gallery Ark

Otherworldly Interiors

Alexander Gorlizki

Otherworldly Interiors, at Gallery Ark, is the first in a series of exhibitions, installations, and design projects focused on highlighting the wide range in Alexander Gorlizki’s art practice, using domestic spaces as a thematic reference. 

For over two decades, the British-born artist has centered his practice around South Asian miniature paintings, working between Brooklyn, New York, and Jaipur. Gorlizki’s main practice, in conjunction with the master miniature painter, Riyaz Uddin, and a small group of assistants in his atelier, has been to insert a varied and often whimsical iconography into the already dream-like environs of traditional miniatures.

In this exhibition, Gorlizki has expanded his practice to go beyond the frame of the painting, and into surrounding spaces, through his 3D objects, wallpapers, carpets, fabrics, and garments. In each case, while the scale, material, and texture, tease the degree of detail to varying degrees, the patterns, palette, and the sense of play, maintain the connection with the paintings on which they are based.

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