Deborah Azzopardi

Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary 2020

Deborah Azzopardi has become world-renowned for her distinctive pop art images which she has been producing for the past 25 years. While her colours serve as the initial bait to gain the viewer’s attention, it is her subject matter that hooks you and keeps you captivated. In Saturday Night, 2004, lipstick is seductively applied, while elsewhere toned bodies remove items of clothing and long female legs dangle from a red convertible. These works are provocatively flirtatious, highlighted by playful titles such as Beach Party and Happy Birthday. Millions of people across the world are familiar with her artworks, her works have been published internationally and there is an incredible demand for her Original Paintings.

Azzopardi’s mission is to be free to play with the drama and joy of everyday life. She breaks her subjects down into vibrant segments and into moments we have all experienced and she captures them forever in paint.

The respect she has gained in publishing reflects the honesty and innocence of her intentions. Her paintings and Limited Editions celebrate the comedy of turbulent relationships, seductions and the fantasies and worries we all have. The viewer is allowed to ponder, without preconceptions, the moments her paintings represent. To possess a piece of Deborah Azzopardi’s work is to embrace the qualities that make us human and to be captivated by her palette of color.

Deborah’s determination to enjoy life to its fullest and to express herself creatively, regardless of the works’ commercial viability, may be one of the major contributors to her outstanding success. Her work is now recognizable by millions and sold to collectors internationally.