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Ilmu Teluh - Pelagan S.

Schema Magica

Throughout the world, magical symbols can be found displayed and hidden somewhere out there. These are magical symbols influenced by different religions and each with its unique set of traditional basis, beliefs and meanings manifested in a variety of complex forms and system of symbols, runes and sigils. Each possesses its own unique beauty and power, often viewed as a symbol of spiritual projection, warding off evils and bad omens.

“Sak Yantra” tattoos in Thailand, like other spell or magic symbols of Chinese or East Asian cultures are often of ancient geometric designs. Buddhist prayers by association are used to direct or conjuring good omens. In the hope to transport the power of beliefs into these symbols or objects, many wear the magic symbols to carry with them the power of healing, luck, strength, and protection against the evil.

As a graphic designer who is constantly moved by forms of shape and line, I can’t take eyes—or my other senses—from absorbing in these forms, lines and the meaning and feelings conjured with them. I rarely find use in traditional ideals or ceremonial aspects of these symbols; however, I would rather prefer to extract their magical essences, and come up with my own version of symbols.

In life as in a journey where different symbols or magical moments manifest themselves to me at different times—love and wealth, good and evil or beauty and power. Like magnet which both attracts and repels, they draw me in to make further connections. As an artist, I continue to explore how I or those within my surrounding react to patterns, colors and stories behind these symbols. It is in my true belief that the energy or power such symbols transport can move and shift the position to which I align my life at any given moment.

“The magic that can be pleasing to our soul than the rationality is the power within itself.”


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