Rosabel Rosalind

548 W 22nd St., NYC 10011
MAY 18-21, 2023

VIP Preview / Thursday, May 18th: 10am - 4pm

Public Hours / Thursday, May 18th: 4 - 8pm / Friday, May 19th & Saturday, May 20th: 11am - 7pm / Sunday, May 21st: 11am - 5pm


here is pleased to present a solo presentation by Pittsburgh-based artist, Rosabel Rosalind, for NADA Projects (Booth P33), New York. Rosalind is best known for working across a variety of media, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, installation, and animation, weaving autobiographical narratives with irreverent socio-political critique in a way that reflects her identity as she says, “a nice Jewish girl.”

Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, Rosalind is consistently haunted by the term “valley girl” and all that expression entails, from the ditzy dialect to the socioeconomic assumptions. In many ways, the artist’s entire practice has been a reaction to a certain shame associated with place and a careless consumption of money and ecological resources that she feels defines and continues to define where she is from. Working and living in Pittsburgh has given Rosalind a comfortable distance from which to confront these insecurities.

In her newest body of work, Rosalind imagines her family synchronized swimming together, through her eyes as a young child with a cross eye disorder. The artist explains the tenuous relationship between the women in her family and how the dance of connectedness they perform is similar to synchronized swimming. Multiple generations of Rosalind women—sunburnt, tanned, or topless—and sometimes the artist’s stepfather, are caught in motion, each in their own world. Coining the term "fam-fiction," the work creates a sentimental fantasy in which her family coexists peacefully through an alternate story of romance, forgiveness, and redemption.