Galerie Poggi



27 AVRIL - 31 MAI 2023

The gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Ittah Yoda, a young artist duo formed by Virgile Ittah and Kai Yoda who joined the gallery in January 2022. This exhibition will present a new body of work exploring the idea of a "symbiocene" where the human, the natural and the digital would live harmoniously.

Articulating their work around a few fundamental syntactic principles - co-creation, scientific anchoring, self-generation and rhizomic relations between all the works, use of natural materials increasingly linked to their exhibition sites, and references to ancient rather than current collective history - the fundamental question Ittah Yoda asks is that of the being-in-common. And more precisely: what are the conditions of appearance of a new political reflection ? Under the aegis of the idea of the symbiocene - a post-anthropocene world governed by mutually beneficial relations between all beings both living and digital - the artists thus propose a methodology that is as much at work in their creative process as in the works themselves.

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