193 Gallery

1-54 Marrakech


193 Gallery is pleased to participate to 1-54 Marrakech 2023 with the artists Thandiwe Muriu and Hyacinthe Ouattara. 
Find us on booth F09, from February 9th to 12th.

193 Gallery proposes “Matters”, a dialogue of mediums for 1-54 Marrakech through two eye-catching artists: Thandiwe Muriu, Hyacinthe Ouattara. For that purpose, Thandiwe will produce hypnotizing black icons with the aim of a return to the self-love of the African woman, the glorification of the ebony skin, accompanied by a discourse around the traditions but also cultural expectations on the African communities. A keystone is provided by the textile sculptures of Hyacinthe Ouattara which result from his 2023 January residency in 193 Gallery's Open Studio. A true metaphor of human connection and organic poetry in suspension and emphasized by his paintings. Thus, we present two artistic and societal discourses united in their research, their desires, and the importance carried to the matters although opposed in their practices and expressions. Two artists, three mediums, three different textures that will illuminate the viewer's eyes.