Fiumano Clase

Memories of Odesa

A solo exhibition of photographs by
Nicholas Hopkins

‘Memories of Odesa’, an illuminating exhibition of black and white photographs of the port city of Odesa, is an ode to this grand metropolis and its people. Awarded UNESCO Heritage status in 2023, Odesa remains an ‘Heroic city” despite sustained Russian bombardment during the summer of this year. This action has resulted in significant damage to historic buildings such as the city’s main Orthodox Cathedral, several museums and grand apartment buildings, not to mention tragic loss of life.

One third of all sales made during the exhibition will be donated to the independent Ukrainian charity Sunrise Ukraine which collects and distributes essentials such as medicine, food, baby food, clothes, and hygiene products. Established shortly after the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces in 2022, the charity continues to support hospitals, emergency services and communities in need.