The Very Fire They Sit Beside

Three years ago, ClientEarth began collaborating with photographer Dan Wilton to explore the human impact of coal on people across Europe. Dan journeyed across the continent, documenting the effects of the industry on the landscape and communities who live in its shadow. The Very Fire They Sit Beside is the result and is being exhibited at Huxley-Parlour Gallery for the first time.

Ending coal is crucial: it puts our shared, bright future at risk. Dan’s images reveal how across Europe, people’s health, identities, and livelihoods remain intimately linked to coal, even as we strive to transition to alternatives. They make a powerful case for governments and investors to take action, without making ordinary people shoulder an unfair share of the burden.

All proceeds from print sales will go directly to ClientEarth, who dedicate their fight to tackling the climate crisis by using the power of the law.

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